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Crosswinds Testimonials

A Fact About Testimonials

When choosing a web hosting company, it is a good idea to see what the current cusomters are saying about them. We have collected feedback from our customers and placed them here for your convenience. Also, check out the Customer Reviews about Crosswinds collected by another site.

There are 42 Customer Testimonials.

Jenn; I just wanted to say thanks! You've been a GREAT help in my transition from a Premium account to the Preferred account! Previously all I had really "needed" was a Premium account since my site was personal in nature, but when our gaming guild called for someone to design a dedicated site where we would have the ability to communicate, I took the challenge and Crosswinds was my first choice! I've had nothing but the best support from you since I first started hosting with you back in about 1999! And knew that if I needed any help that you'd be there, and I was far from mistaken! The transition has been a little confusing, and all these different options and abilities are confusing but WONDERFUL! And WELL WORTH the price difference! Before I was limited to only HTML, now I not only have tons of options, but tons of them are a click away through cPanel... Like phpNuke! Which is working perfectly for our gaming group! Thanks SO much, Jenn, for all the assistance you've given me through the years. And thanks even more for helping me get things set up with this account. I like it so much that I've closed my "personal" account in favor of the Preferred! And my daughter has been wanting her own "website" for the past few years, so I can tell you now that I'll be purchasing a new and separate Preferred account before the beginning of Summer break!! Again, thanks so much!! You've been GREAT!! Michele The Eternal Senechel World of Warcraft Gaming Guild on Whisperwind
- Michele

Jenn, Years ago, when I was first looking for a host for my web site, I looked at lots of places and chose Crosswinds (then, in its infancy) because I sensed that it had a real "human" aspect to it. This has DEFINITELY proven itself to be true! I've gone through some "growing pains" with Crosswinds over the years, but someone was always there, a REAL PERSON to address a problem, to take steps to improve the situation for the future, to empathize with the pain that a client feels when something out of their control doesn't seem to be working. Crosswinds has a HEART, and for this reason I will remain your loyal customer for a LONG time to come! Most recently, I decided to upgrade from my old "legacy Premium" account to your Preferred account. Jenn, you have been AMAZING in holding my hand through this process!! You answered my emails within MOMENTS! Your answers were right on! And you were kind, funny, and professional all along the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for all you've done for me, both recently, and over the years. -- Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher, Miss Hall's School
- Dr. Carol J.V. Fisher

For the last two years I have been with Crosswinds. Moved my site when Yahoo became very costly. I started out with the Free pages and Upgraded to the Premium account. I then decided to get my own domain. With the domain and space I watched the traffic and my site grow to over 70 000 visitors a year and 10000 files. Time to go Pro. So with the expert help of Jenn and Tony I upgraded. I might say Jenn was the greatest help and proved all my worries were for no reason. Without the loss of one hit Jenn and Tony moved all my files and had my site running without a problem. Every email was answered in a matter of hours and every worry taken care of. I am proud to be a Crosswinds member and challenge anyone out there to find better service than that provided by the Crosswinds team. And you cant beat the price :) William Gilson
- Bill

I just don't know what to say, I LOVE Crosswinds!! I have looked high and low for a good server and it seemed I either had to compromise service or affordability. When you're a business owner, you can't take chances for a host; with Crosswinds I found dependability, ease of use, proven TOP SUPPORT AND SERVICE all in one stop and at an unbeatable price! I love all the plan options, and Crosswinds listened to what I was looking for and helped me to choose the plan andprice that best fit my individual needs promptly and professionally. Crosswinds is a cyber dream come true!
- Krista

Dear Jenn: Fabulous, wonderful, *superlative* Jenn: St James Site up and running. Email is configured and working. It could simply not be a whole lot easier. You are a marvel! They certainly do not pay you enough! If people like you stay at Crosswinds, will be at crosswinds for a long time!!! Who in your company do I tell what an asset you are to them? How do I connect with that person? A PERSON is the reason that our business will be with you. YOU ROCK! Thanks, by the way. John
- John

As you know GTS is a charity operating in Gambia and we looked for some time to find a suitable alternative host for our 600 page, very graphical site, that would allow upodating over the net from anywhere in the world. The move over to Crosswinds was eased by you and your staff and I really don't think a single one of our users was ever aware that the site had moved. Now we can manage the site from the UK or from Gambia. Totally brilliant - & many thanks. Francis -
- Francis

I am very happy with the services I have received in the past with not only you (love the personal touch ;-) ) but Crosswinds in general as well! And I look forward to more of the same high-quality hands-on service with the new Pro account in the future as well. And I am more than happy to recommend the services not only to my close friends but to the general public as well; a top-notch budget-conscious organization willing to go the extra distance without all the "please fill in the blanks and I'll have my computers research your problem" attitudes that have become commonplace elsewhere, love the personal approach with a tremendously affordable price tag for an astounding service. Robert
- Robert

dear jenn Big big compliment to your service at Crosswinds. I know your services for a couple of years now - and you are growing and improving all the time. Your service hosting-pro is as you said really easy and cpanel is helping alot and great fun trying around as a "non-techie". I will certainly recommend crosswinds to my friends here in Switzerland! Thanx alot. Regards from Switzerland Roman
- Roman

HEY TONY! *KISSES TONY* YES! That filter info was just what I needed!!!!!!!!! W00T!!! ok now the e-mails trigger the php!!! YES! I'll start working on my script to sort the incoming e-mails! I'll let you know how it goes!! W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx a BUNCH GUYS!!! BEST CS EVER! "Mr. Stuff"
- Mr. Stuff

Jenn - You are a Gem to the Crosswinds company! You are the best CSR I have seen in awhile:) Donnie
- Donnie

As always, the service has been great.... and I, personally, am thankful for all you guys do for us! Such great service at such a fabulous price!
- Starla

Jenn: Thanks. I have really enjoyed my Crosswinds account. Enough that I recommed you to my brother for his Church's website, and now he is very happy with your service also. :) Thanks a million! Tom Backus Member since June 2000
- Tom Backus

Thanks so much for the quick response on the domain registration and for the "beyond the call of duty" tips on making the change. You have to be the best customer service person I've ever dealt with for any size company. Melissa
- Melissa W.

Thank you very much for all your work! This is particular what I like about Crosswinds - your service and that you care about people. I cannot think of any company (and I do not limit that to internet services) I had to do with in the recent years where people were more helpful and polite when I had a problem. Others take ages to reply to e-mails, and when I'm fed up and call one of their expensive help lines I'm connected to a call center where nobody knows anything! You are VERY different from that, I appreciate that very much! By the way, whoever invented the cpanel, please tell him/her that this is a great tool!!!! Barbara
- Barbara

Jenn, You have been FANTASTIC!!!!!! I've done it! I am officially upgraded to a "Preferred" member. I researched all the available packages, and decided that Preferred is best for me right now. I used your annual option, so I got 2 months free (yeh)! I notice that my new domain name now works! Thanks for transferring my files over for me... I expected to have to do this myself! Again, many many thanks. You have been a pleasure to deal with. I'm looking forward to checking out all the stuff that my new package offers! Onward to my new domain name! Carol
- Carol

I have been a Premium Crosswinds user for over a year now and have watched my web page grow to the point where traffic has grown beyond what Premium can handle. I was recently considering upgrading my domain to the Pro service to ensure the availability of my web page 24-7. The Crosswinds staff, in particular Jenn, were very helpful, to the point of adding incentives and even tailoring the service to my particular needs. I have since made the switch and am now enjoying the new features that Pro provides. What I like most about Crosswinds is the service. When I send off requests for help I generally receive a response within a short period of time. And I am able to deal with an individual with a name, rather than just some anonymous person that will probably be different every time you write. The service is also a great value for the price. I challenge anyone to find more for less.
- Chris

Jenn and Tony Both of you need to be commended for your excellent work and responsiveness to queries and problems. I have been with Crosswinds for a couple of years and have seen the progress you have made in terms of offering better and better services, at an excellent price. The Pro packages are an excellent value for the amount and quality of products provided. I hope you keep up the good work. I plan to stay with you and take advantage of more and more of your services into the foreseeable future. Wayne.
- Wayne

I wanted to take the time to say Thank You to Jenn for all that she has done for me. I had a premium account with Crosswinds for a long time and recently upgraded to Pro. If it weren't for Jenn I would have been lost. She moved my files for me and answered every question I asked. She is such an asset to Crosswinds. I love my new Pro account. The speed is much better than it was before. Thanks again Jenn for all of your help and your speedy replies to all of my emails. Thanks,Paula aka EagleRose
- Paula

Thank you very much! I've always been very happy with your service and the new "Pro" is awesome. THANK YOU TONS for adding Frontpage extension capabilities as well. Edward
- Edward

I just paid my first bill with the new payment system and it was absolutely painless! You guys (and gal!) are all too incredible for words!! Double thanks to the ever-remarkable Jenn! Thank you, thank you for all you folks do! Krista
- Krista

Jenn, Thank you for all of your help - you have convinced me to move another site here, which I will be doing in a month or so. Your attention to detail and personal touch are wonderful! Lynn
- Lynn

The USENET newsgroup alt.startrek.creative has ran the ASC Awards for the Star Trek Fan Fiction posted to it for nine years. It's a comment based awards, so it takes a lot more time to comment and vote, and it has been very work intensive. For the past three runnings we have been voting via the web, and have quite often run into problems as a result of scripts failing and providers stopping. This year we voted via our new Pro site which would be becoming the new archive after the awards. For the first time it was without any site caused problems. We recorded a record number of votes, and had one of the closest Best Author races ever. The awards team of Seema, Sara, and Stephen all agree that switching to Crosswinds for it was the best and easiest decision we had all during the 3 month long Awards process. - Stephen Ratliff
- Stephen

Yay!!! You guys rock! Love the new Fantastico upgrade. That's sweet. I was just looking at stuff and noticed Wikis are supported now. Mike
- Mike

Jenn: OK, now I am going to sound like that broken record, "YOU ARE THE GREATEST." Everything works like a charm. Thanks for all the great service. That is what makes you guys so great, I deal with real people, not machines. Take care, and again, thanks a million! Tom
- Tom

I would like to thank everyone at Crosswinds - but especially Jenn - for all the help I was given in the last few days. There was a problem with an old server and the response to me was immediate. Solutions were given and options were found for me. Any questions I had were handled immediately by Jenn. I have been so happy with the service I have received. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and, importantly, fun! I plan to stay with Crosswinds - I can't find better people anywhere else. Thanks again to Jenn! Maureen Darrah
- Maureen Darrah

I REALLY appreciate all the time you are taking with me. I definitely owe you a big hug and a kiss for being so patient with me during this time. You are a true dream, and DEFINITELY owe you one HECKUVA testimonial for this. I can see why everyone loves to be here. I have the phone number for you guys, but never use it, cuz I always get e-mail responses, and they are always done by someone who knows the answer to your question and makes sure that it is resolved prior to moving on. Not only that, but you go the proverbial "extra mile" to make life easier (like reading my mind about changing my passwords on the pro site to match my current password). So, although it is "Never Enough" (sorry, I have L.A. Guns on the 80's radio station!), THANK YOU! Greg Dennis
- Greg Dennis

The new account is working out wonderfully, and again I wanted to thank you much for the many years of great and wonderful service that I'm sure I wouldn't get anywhere else. You guys (and gals) started out simple and have grown over the years, and I'm happy that I managed to find you in the first place, and happy to have been able to be a part of the ongoing growth. Again, thanks much and have a great and wonderful day... and summer!! Michele
- Michele

I have been with Crosswinds for nearly four years. The service provided by them is unparalleled. The customer service bears the personal touch that is often lacking in other businesses. The staff at Crosswinds do not try to hide their names from their subscribers, as some other places do, and make it a point to try to be ahead of the game when it comes to any potential problems that may affect their subscribers, rather than wait to see if the problem will affect their subscribers. The turnaround time on requests is outstanding, sometimes within 12, frequently within 24, and always within 48. Crosswinds puts the service back in Customer Service, and the emphasis is, without a doubt, on “service” as they are always there to answer questions and help in any way they can. I always like to have a direct phone number to the places I work with, a line that reaches a person, but in the case of Crosswinds, a phone number is totally unnecessary due to the outstanding, rapid response time that Jenn and Tony provide. I love the fact that I can wake up in the morning and know that they are on top of things. In addition, they have a volunteer staff that is every bit as knowledgeable as the regular Crosswinds personnel. The volunteers go out of their way, just as the Crosswinds personnel do, to find the solution to whatever situation presents itself at that time, and strive to find the resolution to it in prompt order. Crosswinds also offers the complete solution: domain names, hosting, and affordable package solutions for all of it. I am webmaster for three sites. One is already in Crosswinds, and the other two will be placed in Crosswinds upon their completion. I am considering expanding my business into many more websites, and it is a sure thing that every one of them will be in Crosswinds when they are completed. If you have a site that is not in Crosswinds, first off, why not? These people are the best in the biz. If you are looking to move your site into Crosswinds, rest assured that they will help you every step of the way in moving your site over with no loss of data whatsoever, and will be with you every step of the way. Excellent communication, excellent service. Crosswinds. Bottom line. Greg Dennis Shadow Fire Promotions, Inc.
- Greg Dennis

Oh my god, Jenn - you're fantastic! I've never dealt with customer service who cared as much as you do, or as blazing fast as you are! I don't think you ever sleep, do you??? You have my business forever!! Bryan
- Bryan

It is about time I received a notice to renewal my service with you. At that time, I would like to upgrade from the "Preferred" plan to the "Preferred Plus" plan. May I also take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed our relationship together. You have been extremely efficient and professional. I am looking forward to many more years together. Conrad
- Conrad -

Jenn: Just a note to thank you for helping our site to its new site on the Pro server. It is MUCH faster with no glitches in downloading pictures or other stuff. I am delighted with the transfer and with our decision to move over to Pro. I soon hope to be taking advantage of the FrontPage whistles and bells. Thanks for your help and enduring support. Earl
- Earl

Cpanel kicks butt!!! I spent all last week trying to get phpBB2 set up on my "other ISP"... you guys have a button that does it in a couple keystrokes & mouse clicks!!! and chat!!! and.. and.. I'm in webmaster heaven right now!!! I may end up staying connected all night playing with my new toys!!!!!! yep... a big THANK YOU Crosswinds.Net...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- JL Irish

If you're looking for a large server space, plenty of bandwidth, speed, dependability, and good support at a great price, go north to this Toronto-based web host and sign up! No muss, no fuss, no ultra-tech talk here. All questions are answered in simple English that anyone can understand, usually by the same person (Jenn). I've had my Pro site for over a month now, uploading every night, and not one glitch. Lots of extras in the Control Panel too! Thank You so much!
- Liz

Thank you for your fast reply to my email, you are a great company with the personal touch that is lacking too often in this day and age. Herb
- Herb

Jenn, I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you and the team at crosswinds do. You are always looking for ways to improve upon service and you have always handled any questions quickly and with a pleasant reply. I feel fortunate to have found you guys to host my site. Just a little well deserved gratitude. Married? :) Thanks, Jeremy
- Jeremy

I just want to take a moment to express how much I have appreciated all the hard work and excellent service I have received from all of you at Crosswinds over the years. I started with the free Basic, went on to Premium and recently switched over to Pro. At every level you have been the best. The change to Pro has opened up so many more options for me and I really enjoy the greater ease and speed when using it. Thanks again for all you do :) Jackie
- Jackie

Sebastian here from Germany. You read absolutely right. When I was searching for the perfect provider I become a global player! Five years ago I had my first experiences with the BASIC package. Then three years later, I make a good PREMIUM deal: I got two years for about $100. What I want more: Unless space, traffic, emails and so on. That was absolutely great. I found no one else, who can offer me that for this price. That's all good reasons but the important is the speed of, maybe the fastest service in the world. So now I am upgrading to the latest PRO package because I also need MySQL databases. Still look, you would find no provider with this fat service package. And is available almost everywhere in the world! not only has a fast speed also good support. Within a day you will get an answer about your request, not later. This is what I want: fast speed and support, richly space and traffic rate, enough databases and great features, like a personal eShop tool and that's all for an undefeatable price. is my recommendation for all webmasters who want more. Check it out! Greetings, Sebastian Alex
- Sebastian Alex

I want to take a minute to thank you so much for your help with the problems I experienced with my account recently. I was thrilled to hear that you were actually looking into the problem before you even heard from me. It just goes to show that you really are on top of things at Crosswinds. It's one of the most important reasons I can think of to have an account there. The customer support is second to none and the responses are always reassuring and calming. Definitely a must in the high-stress world of internet-hosting and short-tempered customers. Keep up the great job. Thanks. Dennis Friends and
- Dennis Friends

Thanks VERY much to Tony (and all the rest of you at Crosswinds!!) for the quick resolution, and for maintaining a great service for all of us!! -- Kristy
- Kristy

Hi Jenn, Well here it is in a nut shell... If you may remember I said something about the possibility of returning to CrossWinds... Well by the 11th of April I will be doing just that. In the short time I have been with this other site the server has gone down 3 times, where I never had this with CrossWinds. Hence the reason for the original Yahoo email. As you can see by this email I am up again or should I say the server is up again. Another is support... OK lets not go there I feel rough enough... I am looking at a few options with CrossWinds, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to get in touch with you. Alan Gilbertson (Note from Jenn: Welcome home, Alan..! Glad to have you back with us!)
- Alan Gilbertson

Holy crap:) You guys are awesome:) I was really worried I was in for a heap of trouble, and you just waved a magic wand of friendlyness all over it. He**, the whole crosswinds team has got those nifty things! Yennix Siran Gantriean
- Yennix

Jenn, You and Tony have always been great. You helped when I needed it, and offered constructive critiques where due. You have often gone way above and beyond in the level of support and assistance you have given me, even though my account with you folks is your "bargain basement" level account. An expression of my appreciation is long overdue. But what does one give to someone they have never even met, nor have any idea what they might like? The only thing I can think of is to create a new testimonial for your company, although I do not know where to do this at (but I will find it); and to create a page with several very legitimate links to crosswinds to help boost your google score. To say that you folks have always been excellent, is nowhere near adequate. I only wish that I could do as much for you as you for me. Sincerely Corey J Bryant
- Corey J Bryant