Join: Notes

There are a couple of things you need to know about your new account.

New accounts are usually active immediately. You can use the Account Info to check whether your account is active.

A page called crosswinds.html will be placed in your newly created directory. This page provides all the information you need to use your account. Please read it carefully before you contact us for help. This file is not meant to be a part of your website address.

We do not send new members an email upon account creation. See the note above about crosswinds.html.

Your account size is unlimited. No worries about disk quotas anymore, create the pages you want. Enjoy it! Note that uploads are monitored, and illegal content will be detected, so please don't bother trying.

You will automatically receive both an Email and Homepage account, because our subscription process is automated. You can simply use one or both of these these services at your convenience.

A special note to anyone contemplating using sound or video files of any type on their pages: Please view our Terms of Service on media files before uploading.