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About Us

Who are we?

Crosswinds is a company made up of people who use the Internet and World Wide Web, just like you. Each member of our team brings knowledge and experience that has led us to the conclusion that the Internet still is not totally free. We created Crosswinds to do something about it.

We pride ourselves on providing the best services for our members. This is why we take the time to answer the feedback from our members. Being the driving force behind Crosswinds, we rely on your feedback to make your membership a fulfilling experience. We thank you for the positive encouragement Crosswinds has received.

Want to meet the staff? Click here to meet the folks that make Crosswinds a reality!

What do we do?

Crosswinds offers high quality email and web hosting, for personal and business oriented sites! Originally, we offered free accounts but the realities of business on the Internet have changed and we have moved to offering a very high quality basic service for a fraction of the cost of other providers!

This way people who share ISP accounts can enjoy the privacy and luxury of their very own Homepage and Email account.