Chat With Us

Do you have a problem with your Crosswinds account? Would you like to just chat with other Members or our staff? If so, we have just the place for you. We maintain two IRC channels for your convenience.

We have #Crosswinds for Member help and #CW-Chat for just hanging out and talking to other Members. Please choose the appropriate channel and join us! One note, the following channel guidelines apply to both channel and are enforced. Please keep in mind the real-time nature of these rooms, and allow the Ops time to answer your questions, in turn. Please don't Private Message them without asking first.

The two most common questions are about server status and CGI. You should always check the Updates page before entering the channel. It will often answer any question you have about server status. As for CGI, Crosswinds does not currently offer CGI support to Members, but we are working on a library of our own CGI to offer Members very soon.

Some of Crosswinds' Members help out other users with their pages in our IRC channel. An IRC channel is like the chatrooms on Yahoo or AOL. This channel is not for 24 hour Technical Support. You may encounter Crosswinds staff during your visit, but if you need to contact staff about your account, use the information available on the Contact Us page. Please remember that most of the people in the crosswinds channel are Volunteers. They help other people because they enjoy doing so. Please be polite, and if they are helping others, wait patiently for your questions to be answered.

You must first log in before you can join the chat!