Crosswinds April 2003 Newsletter

1. SPAM busting and VIRUS stomping software
2. Premium Power Pack UPGRADES
3. The Spring Fling is going strong! Sign up for Premium, and you could win one of several prizes!
4. Referral program is in full swing - refer a friend to enter our contest and you could WIN!!
5. Re-released membernames - Get yours now!

Use the SPAM busting and VIRUS stomping software that Crosswinds Staff uses!
Check it out here

Premium Power Pack UPGRADES coming!
Premium Power Pack is growing! (your cost won't tho). In the coming weeks, look for improvements to CWMail, Domains and Domain email, and even Password Protection ability on subdirectories (still has to be legit uploads tho), plus a few more tweaks. Stay tuned for that!

Spring Fling is going strong!
Sign up for a Premium account before Midnight, June 20th,and you are automatically entered* to win one of several exciting prizes!
Click here for more details!

Referral Contest
In conjunction with our Spring Fling Promotion, we're having a contest for top referrers! Tell your friends, tell your family! The first referrer who has 25* signups under their belt wins!
Click here for details!

* Referred & new Premium signups must remain Premium members for at least 2 rebilling periods to be eligible to win in these promotions.

Short & Popular Membernames up for grabs!
How would you like a really short name? What about "brian", "steve", "cris" or "jan"? Do you run a fan site? "chicago", "janetjackson", "halleberry", and tons more are available!

Hurry before YOUR name is taken!! Click here for more info!

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